friday may 15

today i was leaving a friend’s birthday party at unlovable and had to sort of push my way through a crowd to reach the front door. before i was quite home free, i tried to squeeze past a couple dancing girls and misjudged how much room i had, running into one of the girls and knocking her off balance. i profusely apologized and made my way out, embarrassed, but noticed that my friend who had been following me outside had started laughing.

as it turned out, according to my friend, the girl i ran into had apparently been the one who, earlier in the night, wouldn’t stop talking during a comedian’s set. like, the entire bar was silent except for the comedian and this girl, who appeared to have no regard for comedy etiquette. at the time i thought, "what the hell is wrong with her?" and wished someone would tell her to shut up. so the fact that she was the one i barrelled over on my way outside actually felt… not great, but certainly not as bad as it initially had.

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