thursday may 7

today i was meeting a few friends, including one from out of town, at bar neon. i arrived about 20-25 minutes after our agreed-upon time, kicking myself as i walked in for being a bad friend. as it turned out though, i was the first one besides my out-of-town friend to arrive, which made me feel better about my tardiness and more free to judge everyone else who showed up even later.

an hour later though, i really cemented my bad-friend rep for the night — before going to the bathroom (and then inside to the bar), i asked if anyone wanted a drink, since service to our patio table had been sporadic. i got a couple yes’s, but then on my way to the bathroom i thought i saw our server head to our table, so i ended up returning to the table a few minutes later with only my own beer. turned out i’d been wrong about the server, which made me feel a little bad about showing up with just my own beer.