tuesday may 5

today i was about to go to bed when i noticed a little fly buzzing around my living room. while i could’ve easily gone into my bedroom, shut the door, and been done with it, it somehow felt important that i deal with this fly before i slept. so as it flew across the room, i lunged at it, clapped my hands on it, saw it fall to the ground, and was so fired up that i got it on my first try that i did a ric flair "wooo!" and strutted around the room.

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Jack Kentala said...

I had to go to sleep last week after spending 45 minutes trying to find a giant spider that thwarted my attempts at murdering it. So now for the rest of my time in this apartment I'm paranoid of that spider because it was HUGE.

In the Pac NW we don't get severe weather or natural disasters, but we get spiders. Motherfucking spiders everywhere.