saturday june 13

today i went to my local td branch to deposit a pair of cheques, and was disappointed to realize that i recognized none of the three tellers i saw when i entered. after having developed some excellent rapport with a couple td employees during my regular bank visits several months ago, i was finding that those encounters had really fallen by the wayside recently — in part because i’ve had to make deposits at other branches, but also due to the employee turnover at my usual td.

today’s teller, for instance, knew so little about me that he referred to me as "jonathan" and didn’t correct himself, despite the fact that i knew there was a note on his computer to indicate that i go by luke (not to mention that "luke" is the name on my cheques). just when i thought all hope was lost, a familiar face entered from a back office, caught my eye, waved at me, asked me how things were going, and - if i’m being honest - salvaged my visit.

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Jack Kentala said...

I use an online bank, so I only go into a local bank when I need quarters for my laundry machine in my apartment. The last time I slid $20 through the money slot, I didn't even need to say anything. The teller immediately said, "You're the quarters guy, right?" and seemed like she already had the rolls ready while I was in the queue.

That just makes my mind reel at the possible break-room conversations in which I was targeted as aforementioned "quarters guy." I suppose being tall and extremely precise sort of singles me out.