thursday june 11

today i watched game 4 of the nba finals at duffy’s and found myself across the room from a middle-aged woman who was rooting for the cavaliers. despite watching the game alone, this woman was taking up practically two full tables on her own, and was commanding the room, constantly yelling at the cavs defense to block every warriors shot attempt and urging lebron james and company to score when cleveland was on offense. every time the cavs brought the ball up the floor, she seemed torn between what sort of basket she wanted them to get, calling out "two points! three points! two points! three points!"

while i originally thought her performance might get a little annoying over the course of the evening, it actually ended up being one of the most entertaining parts of what turned out to be a mostly one-sided game. it was especially enjoyable to see her disdainfully shake her head at her fellow duffy’s patrons - most of whom were rooting for golden state - when the warriors made a nice play and drew cheers from the room.

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