tuesday june 2

today i pre-ordered the new radioactivity album on itunes. the last album i pre-ordered, jamie xx’s in colour, received so much hype and press prior to its release that it was agonizing to actually wait until its release date to get it, but i figure this radioactivity record is far more likely to fly under the radar. my dream scenario would be that i entirely forget that i pre-ordered it or that it’s even coming out, and eventually get surprised when it shows up in my itunes late one monday night four weeks from now.

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Jack Kentala said...

--and right now I'm coincidentally listening to Jamie xx for the second time, as it's yet another album where I think I missed some brilliance but I'm all "Eh." I think the last time I gave less of a shit about huge hype was Animal Collective's MPP.

Then again I'm the only person I know who likes Lightning Bolt and certainly the only who likes Fantasy Empire more than everything in 2015 so far.