wednesday may 27

today i went to the gladstone library to print something off. before heading upstairs to use one of the computers on the second floor, i checked in with the library employee near the first-floor children’s-area printer to see if that one was working today, since it often isn’t.

"yep, it’s working," she said. "did you send something to it?"
"not yet, just wanted to make sure it would work first!" i replied. "i’ll be back in a minute!"

at this point, i headed up to an open computer, loaded my document, and went to print it, only to find that the "children’s area" printer wasn’t one of the options available to me. the "teen area" printer was the only one that came up, leaving me no choice but to select it. after retrieving my document in the teen area, i went to leave the library, debating whether i should check in with the woman who expected me to "be back in a minute." when i glanced over at the children’s area though, she wasn’t in her usual spot, so i just headed out, vaguely concerned for the rest of the day that she’d be wondering where i went and if i was ever able to print.

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Jack Kentala said...

When working at my school's computer lab, anyone who said they'd be "back in a minute" to get their student ID or finish their lunch, etc., never materialized ever again.

I learned to stop worrying.