monday june 22

today i went to the gap to buy jeans. buying any sort of pants is one of my least favourite things to do, so i’ve gotten into the habit of buying the exact same pair of jeans from the gap, since i’ve become very familiar with their sizes and styles, and know that a specific one fits me well. after finding the lone pair in the store that matched the size and style criteria i was looking for, i went up to the counter to pay, and was informed by the gap employee that there was a special sale happening today — buy one, get the second item 75% off. given my distaste for shopping, my need to run other errands, and my desire to get out of the store, i only hesitated for a second or two before saying "eh, that’s alright, just this is fine." i regretted it for the rest of the night. 75% off is ridiculous. i could’ve bought a second pair of jeans for basically nothing, who even cares if they’d fit.

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Jack Kentala said...

Gap decided to retire their "classic khaki" in my weirdo tall size, so they're dead to me. Also sucks that my weirdo tall size requires buying all my clothes online. Not that I can even remember the last time I was in a mall.