saturday june 27

today i ordered indian food on just-eat.ca shortly before the restaurant closed for the night. while it was a rainy evening, and the place was pretty far away, i still thought the original delivery estimate, which suggested it could be more than a 90-minute wait, was overly cautious. however, 90 minutes later, at 11:25pm, the delivery still hadn’t arrived at my girlfriend’s place, which made us start to worry. calling the restaurant was no help, since it had already closed, and there was no real way to get in touch with the driver. so after i popped downstairs to make sure the delivery guy wasn’t waiting in the condo lobby, we logged onto just-eat’s support chat.

after we talked to just-eat’s rep for a few minutes, she told us that the driver was downstairs! i headed back down to meet him, but despite having given him instructions on the order for how to get into the building’s lobby and contact us, i didn’t see him, so i opened the front door of the building and poked my head out to see if anyone was out there. at this point, he came scurrying down the sidewalk and handed me our food, approximately two hours after we’d placed the order. he was in and out so fast that i didn’t get a chance to ask him all the questions i had. had he been waiting there for ages or did he really just show up? if it was the former, did he miss our contact instructions? how did the just-eat rep contact him? if he had just arrived, why did it take two hours?? in any case, it was a real relief, since we had no real plan b in place if the food had just never showed up.

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