tuesday june 30

today i bought a josh donaldson shirt at the jays shop in the rogers centre in preparation for an upcoming trip to detroit. before telling me the amount, the cashier asked if i wanted to make a donation to the jays care foundation. not wanting to be too thrifty, since i was paying with a gift card, i said yes, to which he replied, "how much?" this caught me off guard. normally when you’re asked if you want to donate to some sort of charity when you’re making a purchase - often at the lcbo, no frills, etc. - they give you a specific figure. for instance: "do you want to donate $2 to sick kids?" without any guidance, i had no idea what was an appropriate amount, and after hesitating for a second, i replied, "… five… dollars?" i never could tell if that was an average amount, or too much, or too little.

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