saturday september 5

today i was walking along bloor street near jane when someone coming in the opposite direction passed by me on roller blades. before i even had time to think about how unusual it was to see someone roller blading down bloor in 2015, i heard a middle-aged guy who was walking past me say to his friend, "i should really get my blades out."

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Jack Kentala said...

In my head there are two Torontos: one that is a big Canadian city that I haven't visited, and the other that is a big Canadian city I haven't visited that is full of fantastical wonders and humoristicals as relayed via OTIDT.

Many times I thought about getting my "blades" out when I lived right next to Lake Nokomis in MPLS and saw said "bladers" on the dual bike/ped path, but I don't think I ever mentally referred to them as "blades." Sure, "Rollerblade" is a brand, but who bothers to say "inline skates"?