monday november 2

today i was working at home when my landlord and the previously-promised bank appraiser showed up at my place. the visit was pretty painless — they were only in my place for about two minutes. still, the appraiser took photos of every room of my place, which made me feel a little uneasy, even though i’m sure whoever ended up seeing those photos probably wouldn’t give nearly as much thought as i did to, for instance, the stuffed animal in my bedroom that i’d won at the ex.

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Jack Kentala said...

I love it when the rabbit hole of this blog links back onto itself. Snake eating its tail or something.

When I was finishing up school in Chicago, my apartment was being turned into condos and my place was being shown at least three times a week. The first time I made sure to police up all the beer bottles and put stuff over the gum stuck in the carpet, which was the fine work of the five girls who had lived in the apartment prior. After about the third showing, I just didn't give a fuck. I think my place ended up selling for about $500K or so, so I'm sure they could afford to clean it up.