saturday november 28

today i headed down to the bathroom at duffy’s and noticed as i was walking toward it that there appeared to be a new image on the door to the women’s bathroom at the end of the hall — one of those places where the pictures on the door are supposed to signify "men" or "women" rather than just telling you in normal written words. as i turned toward the men’s bathroom, i checked to see what was on its door now, and saw that it was the following image, cropped from the poster for the movie ted:

c'mon, duffy's.

friday november 27

today i entered my td branch and saw that, while there was a lineup of about four people waiting to use one of the two atm’s, there was no one in line for the two human tellers, who were talking to each other as they waited for customers. since i needed to speak to a teller anyway, this situation was rather fortuitous, but i couldn’t help but wonder why the last couple people in the atm line hadn’t just made their way over. even as someone who prefers interacting with machines to humans, i would have felt like an idiot standing there waiting for the atm if someone came in, conducted all their business with a teller, and left while i was still in line.


thursday november 26

today i noticed that my girlfriend still had her friend’s copy of taboo, which we’d played with a larger group of her friends at a get-together earlier this month. i’d embarrassed myself so badly during the first round of that game that i insisted today that my girlfriend and i practice together to avoid it happening again. we went through a whole stack of cards and i picked up a lot of tricks and techniques to avoid getting stuck on a word. feeling pretty good about next time someone forces me to play taboo.

wednesday november 25

today i went to prepare breakfast at around 10:30am and realized that my fridge door was slightly ajar. although this was a little irritating, i assumed i'd left it open just a couple hours earlier when i woke up and poured myself a glass of water. however, after taking a bite or two of my yogurt, which had definitely been in a fridge with its door slightly open for more than two hours, i realized that i hadn’t actually gotten myself any water from the fridge yet today, which means i must’ve left the door open before going to bed last night. it’s fine. i’m sure all the food is fine.

tuesday november 24

today i finally "got" the double meaning in the title of the tv show transparent. i mean, it’s arguably the first meaning, it’s so obvious. i'd never really thought about it before, but i was still pretty embarrassed that it took me this long.


monday november 23

today i was listening to the birds all day podcast and at one point heard them say blue jays pitcher marco estrada had "26 million reasons" to be happy with his new contract (which is worth $26 million). for the first time, it struck me what an odd saying this is. like, envisioning it in a literal sense makes me think of someone going, "a dollar? great! whoa, another dollar? fantastic!" over and over again 26 million times.

sunday november 22

today i was on the dundas streetcar heading west. while we were stopped at spadina, waiting for everyone to get on and the light to change, the driver came storming toward the back of the car and yelled at someone sitting a few seats away from me, shouting that he wanted him off his car. i had my headphones on and wasn’t able to pause my podcast fast enough to hear everything, but it sounded like the driver was upset about the guy having walked in front of the streetcar in a dangerous way? why he wouldn’t be allowed on because of that, i have no idea, but the driver was insistent. after they argued about it for 30 seconds or so, the driver said something to the effect of, "i’ll get someone to get you off if i have to," and walked back toward the front of the car, presumably to call ttc security.

it’s possible the security call was a bluff, but the passenger in question seemingly didn’t want to take any chances — he hesitated for a few seconds, then, realizing that he’d the streetcar wasn’t going anywhere until he got off, walked up to the front and delivered a few more choice words to the driver before he got off. "have a good day, sir!" the driver called, shutting the door behind him. pretty exciting stuff.