sunday november 22

today i was on the dundas streetcar heading west. while we were stopped at spadina, waiting for everyone to get on and the light to change, the driver came storming toward the back of the car and yelled at someone sitting a few seats away from me, shouting that he wanted him off his car. i had my headphones on and wasn’t able to pause my podcast fast enough to hear everything, but it sounded like the driver was upset about the guy having walked in front of the streetcar in a dangerous way? why he wouldn’t be allowed on because of that, i have no idea, but the driver was insistent. after they argued about it for 30 seconds or so, the driver said something to the effect of, "i’ll get someone to get you off if i have to," and walked back toward the front of the car, presumably to call ttc security.

it’s possible the security call was a bluff, but the passenger in question seemingly didn’t want to take any chances — he hesitated for a few seconds, then, realizing that he’d the streetcar wasn’t going anywhere until he got off, walked up to the front and delivered a few more choice words to the driver before he got off. "have a good day, sir!" the driver called, shutting the door behind him. pretty exciting stuff.

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