friday january 8

today i was at a house party for my girlfriend's best friend's birthday when i felt my phone vibrate three times in the span of about a minute. while i was loathe to be the person at the party who pulls out his phone and becomes engrossed by it, i could tell, based on the feel and the duration of the vibrations, that these weren’t text messages or facebook messages, making me wonder what was going on.

succumbing to my curiosity, i pulled out my phone and discovered that i’d received notifications from three different websites about the blue jays’ trade of ben revere for drew storen. considering i was trying to socialize with people rather than stare at my phone, this was the worst possible outcome, since i immediately wanted to text all my jays-loving friends about the trade and get on twitter to see every possible reaction.

in an inspired effort to be a good party guest while simultaneously reading up on the trade, i managed to find the other person at the party who i knew would get wrapped up in the news, informed her of the deal, and then spent the next few minutes occasionally (distractedly) talking to her about it as we both scrolled through our phones for the latest updates.

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