monday december 14

today i took the day off and spent most of the afternoon in various toronto bars having beers with a friend who was back in town from england. on my way home, around 7:30pm, i decided to stop at the dufferin mall to buy a few things i needed — groceries, christmas wrapping supplies, maybe a christmas gift or two, etc.. over the course of my whirlwind mall trip, i ended up stopping at walmart twice, having neglected the first time to buy a couple supplies i needed.

during my first time checking out at walmart, i ended up at express checkout #14, with a cashier i’ve had before, one who is particularly pushy when it comes to trying to sell you on getting a walmart card. this card is a thing that maybe i should have by now, but which i keep declining out of principle (what principle? who knows). anyway, this guy makes you feel guilty about not taking him up on his offer, and i’m not interested in being guilt-tripped at walmart. so when i returned to the express line the second time, i resolved to let the person in line behind me go first if i ended up getting checkout #14 again. not only would this allow me to avoid the unlikeable cashier, but it would also eliminate the possibility of being a spot where he recognized me from a half-hour earlier and made the argument, "how are you not gonna get this walmart card? you come here twice an hour!"

fortunately, i ended up getting checkout #10 instead.

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