sunday december 13

today i went to la cubana with a group of friends. after some deliberation, i decided to order the pork belly medianoche. my last experience with pork belly had gone extremely poorly, when i ordered a pork belly dish with plums at whippoorwill, which ended up making me nauseous and unable to finish it. however, i was fairly certain the problem there had been the plums. don’t need hot plums in my life.

when my sandwich arrived today though, i had nearly as hard a time eating it, overwhelmed by the unappealing smell and taste. i’m still not sure if the problem was that the smell strongly reminded me of how little i enjoyed the last dish i ate that included it, or if i just don’t like pork belly, but either way, it was a real disappointment, since there were literally about five other things on the menu i would have liked to try. today will be the last day i ever order pork belly, it’s decided.

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