sunday december 6

today i was waiting for the westbound streetcar at dundas and ossington after trivia at the ossington. as the streetcar approached and i prepared to board it, a woman who had just come off the ossington bus approached me and the other person waiting at the stop, and asked, "are either of you using tokens?" i glanced at the other guy, who had headphones on, and when i saw he was ignoring her, i turned back to her and said yes, i was using a token, at which point she handed me a ttc day pass. "wow, thanks!" i called after her, feeling good about the fact that i could now avoid using that token.

it was such a nice gesture that i really felt like i should pay it forward by giving it to someone at lansdowne when i got off the streetcar, but i didn’t really see any candidates there, so i took it home and threw it out instead. i think the role i played in making her feel good about paying it forward was satisfying enough.

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