thursday december 24

today i was unsure about whether or not my recycling and compost bins were scheduled to be picked up, as is typically the case on thursday nights, so i tried to track down the pickup schedule online. according to the schedule i found, my area’s pickup date is typically friday, but was getting pushed back to saturday this week. this seemed a little odd, but i assumed that, since my garbage and recycling is generally picked up very late on thursday night, that counts as friday morning. in any case, i figured i had an extra day to put everything out to the curb.

several hours later, i was sitting in my apartment and happened to hear what sounded suspiciously like a recycling pickup truck outside. i ran to my window, looked out, and saw that it was picking up the recycling on the other side of the street, which was a relief — apparently the schedule change i’d found online had been wrong, but at least i hadn’t missed the pickup entirely. i put together my recycling and compost for the week, and headed outside with a load of it, only to see that the truck on my side of the street was out there as well, only about five doors down from my house. i quickly threw my stuff in our bins, wheeled them out to the curb, ran back in and picked up the last of my recycling, and got it out to the curb when the truck was just two houses away from mine. a real christmas miracle.

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