thursday december 3

today i was scheduled to work at 3:00pm and saw in the morning that the playstation 4 i’d ordered from amazon last week was scheduled to arrive sometime today. since i assumed this delivery was the sort i’d have to sign for, this presented some issues — when i work from 3 to 11 instead of 9 to 5, i generally run a couple errands before my shift begins. but today i was too scared to leave my house in case the delivery came while i was out and then got taken to a pick-up location when i wasn't around to sign.

by 2:00pm, with no knock on my door yet, i decided to make a quick run to the corner store to pick up a couple things i needed. when i walked around to the front of my house though, i saw a big amazon package sitting on my front step, having presumably been left there by the mailman at some point within the last hour or two, despite the fact that i’d specifically said "basement / back door" on the package, which was worth in excess of $400+. while i was excited to see that my ps4 had arrived, and relieved that it seemed untouched, i was still a bit miffed that it just had been left there — i mean, it would’ve been out in the open for hours if i had a real 9-5 job at some sort of office and didn’t get home until 5:30 or whatever.

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