tuesday december 1

today i returned to opera bob’s to pick up the pair of gloves i’d left behind yesterday. in the 20 or so hours since i had the phone conversation regarding what i hoped were my gloves, i hadn’t come up with any better theories about how the bartender could’ve known me as jonathan, which is technically my name but not the one i go by. i was half-expecting the gloves i picked up not to be mine, or assuming that i’d somehow misheard something in our conversation (maybe he said his name was jonathan, for some unknown reason?)

when i asked tonight’s bartender about the gloves though, hesitantly identifying myself as jonathan instead of luke, he was able to quickly find them in a cupboard behind the bar with a big "JONATHAN" label on them. so, ultimately, i have no explanation for how this all played out, except that last night’s bartender either:

  1. thought i was someone else
  2. thought he knew my name and somehow coincidentally/magically got it sort of right.

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