wednesday december 30

today i went to a raptors game with my girlfriend, who didn’t eat dinner beforehand and didn’t have interest in getting arena food. during the game, she decided that, given my love affair with ali baba’s, she wanted to try it for the first time on her way home.

throughout the game - and during the subway ride home - we had a running joke about who would pay for it — ie. "if the raptors win, you pay," "if the yonge subway comes before the university one, you pay," etc. when we finally got out at lansdowne and started walking toward the ali baba’s on the corner, i noticed something on the sidewalk — a $10 bill!

shocked, i grabbed the bill and sort of held it in the air for a second, turning around toward the subway station to see if anyone had dropped it and was coming back for it. when no one came to claim it, i turned back toward lansdowne. my girlfriend, meanwhile, noticing for the first time what i’d picked up, made the decision of who would pay for the food by snatching the money out of my hand and shouting "free ali baba’s!"

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Jack Kentala said...

I believe this scene was in a romantic comedy.