wednesday january 6

today i received my annual season ticket holders gift from the blue jays. part of the package sent by the team was a set of commemorative tickets for 2015's alds and alcs playoff games at the dome. my first thought when i saw these was, "oh, good idea to placate all those people who complained about only having paper tickets and how paper tickets don’t make very good souvenirs." but after taking a closer look at them, i realized that these tickets - while they looked and felt nice - didn’t include:

  • the dates of any games
  • any seat numbers
  • the price
  • what game of the series each ticket was for (one was identified as alds home game 3 rather than alds game 5, for instance)
  • nearly anything else that would make them seem like real tickets

not all of these things were necessary, and i don’t really even care (i'll probably throw them out!), but would dates and seat numbers have been so hard? seems like a pretty easy fix.

anyway, the package also featured a personalized blue jays 2015 al east champs banner, which was way more dope than the tickets, so whatever.

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