sunday february 14

today i discovered, a week after the fact, that the super bowl bet i’d made on "viva la vida" being the first song coldplay played during their halftime set had paid out, despite the fact that i’d assumed it was a loser, since chris martin opened the show by singing a couple bars of "yellow." my reaction to this realization was three-fold:
  1. hmm, i guess that makes sense, since technically the bet was on the first song coldplay played, so maybe chris martin a cappella doesn’t count.
  2. still, i’d be pissed if i’d bet on "yellow."
  3. i can’t believe i bet on this and made $50.


saturday february 13

today i stopped in at the eaton centre to quickly buy a couple things, and was on my way out when i noticed a huge lineup of people outside champs sports. since it’s nba all-star weekend, i assumed there was some sort of nba-related appearance happening, but the throng of teens was so thick that i didn’t really feel like stopping and trying to peer through the crowd to see if could spot a player. after arriving home 45 minutes later, i looked up the day’s itinerary on champs' twitter and realized that i had most likely been within yelling distance of boogie cousins.

friday february 12

today i celebrated my one-year anniversary with my girlfriend, and for the first time in the 365 days that we’ve known one another, felt like the more worldly one at a restaurant, when i talked her into trying ceviche.

thursday february 11

today i went to hang out with a couple friends who were dj’ing at unlovable. when i arrived, i warned them that i couldn’t stay past midnight, since that’s when i’d turn into a pumpkin, which in retrospect i don’t think is right. need to brush up on my cinderella.

wednesday february 10

today i bought three different kinds of radlers at the beer store. just really need to find out which radler is my favourite so i’ll be ready for the summer, you know?


tuesday february 9

today i received an email from mlb advanced media informing me and my co-workers that the company intends to issue us work apparel for this year's mlb season, in the form of polo/golf-style shirts. the email asked for our shirt size, which sent me into internal deliberations for about the next 15 minutes.

on one hand, i pretty much always wear medium shirts, but i also buy most of my shirts from the same two or three stores, and what if these ones fit a little smaller and i have to spend the entire 2016 season wearing these tight polo shirts around the skydome like an out-of-shape version of john cena’s character from trainwreck? on the other hand, what if these shirts fit normally and i ask for large ones, then spend the season walking around looking like a kid wearing his dad’s clothes?

ultimately, i finally went with medium instead of large, figuring it was an aspirational choice. like, in my mind, i’ll spend the next two months trying to stay fit to ensure that i fit into this polo shirt, as if it’s a wedding dress or something.

monday february 8

today i was walking along richmond street behind three real slowpokes. this college-age group of two girls and a guy was hogging most of the sidewalk, making it impossible to pass them until no one was coming the other way, at which point we managed to sneak by them. less than a minute later, they suddenly decided that now they wanted to walk fast, abruptly speeding up and prompting my girlfriend to loudly ask "are you serious?" as they re-passed us.

sunday february 7

today i had a conversation with a friend in which we both hilariously misidentified kato kaelin’s role in the o.j. simpson saga, with me wondering if he was the guy who was in the car with o.j. during the bronco chase and my friend suggesting that he was one of o.j.’s defense lawyers. just a couple of misinformed millennials who really need to watch american crime story and/or made in america.


saturday february 6

today i found out that one of my best friends, who moved to london, england a year and a half ago, is getting married there later this year. when i heard the news, my first few thoughts, in some order, were:
  1. oh no he’s never coming back.
  2. hmm, i hope he schedules the wedding for when i was planning to visit, even though i haven’t told him yet when that will be.
  3. wow great news, so happy for them!