sunday february 21

today i went to comedy bar after a friend’s show to meet up with her for a birthday drink (her birthday, not mine). the place that i chose to stand was right in front of one of the tvs on the wall, and while i was hardly in a position to keep anyone from seeing the entire screen, i felt like i may have just been tall enough to block a small portion of it. based on where i was standing, this meant blocking the bottom right-hand corner, which was where the score bug was for the raptors’ game on tv.

i could tell - based on eavesdropping - that a few people were watching this game, despite the fact that it was a rerun of a game that had been played earlier in the evening, so i spent most of my time sort of leaning forward, hunching over, making sure that i wasn’t blocking their view of the score. because i was able to do this in a way that wasn’t too uncomfortable or horrible to my back, it seemed like the easier thing to do than simply moving to a different spot in the bar.

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