thursday february 18

today i bought toothpaste at no frills. i’m not overly particular about what kind of toothpaste i buy, but i usually end up rotating between the same two or three kinds of crest -- the ones that look the "safest" (no weird flavours, nothing that sounds overly complicated like "3d white," whatever that is, etc.).

however, my girlfriend had complained that the kind i’d bought most recently was way worse than the one i’d had previously. having not double-checked the label on my current, almost-empty tube of toothpaste before i went to no frills today, i spent about 90 seconds surveying the toothpaste rack, trying to remember which kinds i’d bought the last two times. after plenty of deliberation, i made my choice and was pretty confident about it, so it was a bit of a bummer to arrive home and discover that i’d ended up with the exact same kind i'd bought last time.

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