thursday february 25

today i stopped at my favourite local convenience store on my way home to buy a cherry coke and a vanilla float dr. pepper. this place has the best soft drinks. as i was finishing paying, a guy came up behind me in line, but instead of putting his items on the counter next to mine, where there was plenty of room, he stood there waiting for me to get out of the way entirely.

thrown off by his weird patience, i struggled to throw my pops in my bag and put my wallet away quickly, trying to sidestep out of the way in the same motion. my quick shuffling movement caused me to step on one of my shoelaces, untying it. with me out of the way, the guy stepped forward to the counter and said to me, "hey, your shoe’s untied," to which i replied, "I SAW, THANKS!" in a tone that was hopefully cordial but almost certainly revealed my agitation.

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