tuesday june 19

today i had to renew my driver's license. for weeks, i'd been putting it off, primarily out of laziness, but secondarily because i was concerned about the new photograph that would serve as my primary identification for the next five years. when i finally went, i settled on a plain, non-committal white t-shirt and kept my hair relatively in check (though the brief gusts of wind during my walk into the building were worrisome). when the moment of truth finally came, however, i choked -- i was unable to force myself to smile naturally, and my attempts at doing so likely looked pained, like i'd just swallowed a disagreeable morsel of food. when i finally achieved my desired facial expression, i realized that the woman was calling me back, and that the photo had been taken two seconds earlier. i am not looking forward to receiving my new license in the mail.


Erin said...

you get your licenses in the mail?

in nova scotia they print them on the spot so you can relish in embarrassment immediately.

luke said...

yeah, it takes a few weeks for the new one to come -- on the spot, they print your 'license' on a sheet of paper, and put a 'photo only' sticker on your old license, so you have to carry around both if you're driving. annoying.

Anonymous said...

I get to re-do mine since it was stolen, yippie no more 16-year-old accidental "thug" look