friday august 3

today i went to the beer store to buy some beer. it was a friday evening and the place was moderately bustling. i was asked for my order before coming up to the counter to pay, and in fact before it was even my turn in line, leading to my beer being sent out amidst the haul from the guy in front of me: an order worth $259 and change, said the cash register. after finally getting up to the counter and paying, i turned to grab my case from the conveyor belt, only to find it had disappeared from the spot where it had been sent out. i immediately begin searching the quickly growing cart of cases that housed the $259 (and change) order, thinking that he'd attempted to sneak my beer in there along with all of his -- who would notice!! not seeing it there, i turned back to the counter, on the verge of asking for another case to be sent out for me, when i noticed mine had been moved to the counter, approximately eight inches from where i was standing when i paid for it.

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Dan said...

the beer store has a conveyor belt? I can't wait to get back to Canada.