thursday september 27

today i was again riding the 17-oxford west bus home. i sat down and immediately the man next to me asked me how i was doing. "i'm doing all right," i replied warily. but he was unsatisfied with this response. "how are you really doing!" he exclaimed, to which i replied: "still good!" before attempting to ignore him for the rest of my ride. this strategy worked for approximately five minutes, at which point i heard him mutter: "i believe!" i pretended not to notice, but seconds later, he turned to me and, deadly serious, asked: "do you believe?" unable to feign unawareness, i turned and said somewhat disinterestedly: "believe what?" to which he angrily repeated, "i said: do you believe?!" not quite comprehending the question, i hesitated a second, during which time he lost interest in our conversation and looked off in the other direction before exiting the bus shortly thereafter. it was not my most rewarding discussion of the day.

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openedbycustoms said...

Well, I believe.

I believe in the magic of London Transit.