thursday july 17

today i left work early in order to catch the 10-wonderland bus that gets me to campus in time to do the 6:00 radio show at chrw. although i left work four minutes earlier, i still arrived at the bus stop just as the bus was leaving! a close call! later in the ride, the route was slowed down by heavy traffic on southdale, backed up due to a car accident. the universe was trying really hard not to let me make the show on time! finally, the universe prevailed; as the bus was pulling out of westmount mall, a passenger shuffled up to the front of the bus and vomited, aiming for the garbage can but mostly missing. for some reason, after kicking him off, the driver then kicked everyone else off, holding out for a cleaner bus, making everyone else wait for the next one, and ensuring that i wouldn't make it to campus until well after 6:00.


Burcu said...

This reminds me of the time I was late for work because a man soiled himself on the 31. Even the slightest of smells means "impossible working conditions".
Give me a breakkkk.

tammy said...

I have to agree with the bus driver's decision on this one ... would you want to drive around with vomit next to you? ew

Stuart A. Thompson said...

haha how does this all happen to you luke? have you been recently cursed by a gypsy?