friday september 12

today i ate lunch at mcdonald's with a coworker. with about 10 minutes left in our lunch hour, we decided to head back to work, and my coworker rose and began walking away from our mcdonald's table. i hesitated, unsure of whether he was leaving or just using the washroom, since he'd left all of our garbage and trays on the table. when i saw him turn towards the exit door, i froze, still standing at our table. i had to make a snap decision, either cleaning up the mess and throwing it out, making him look like a jerk, or following him and leaving the mess for the employees to clean up, potentially making us both look like jerks. my choice was somewhere in between, as i quickly tossed as much of the table's garbage onto our tray as possible before getting up and leaving. as if that did any good.

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