sunday november 23

today i introduced a new feature to one thing i did today, called 'another thing i did on these days.' that's a working title, i just made it up 10 seconds ago.

saturday november 15:
today i took a 'candy green apple' shot at the bar that was so delicious that i immediately wished out loud that i could have a whole glass of it. to drink. with, like, my dinner or something.

monday november 17:
today i was having a conversation with someone, when they used the phrase "study date." a few days ago, another friend used the phrase "reading party." in both instances, i felt like i was hearing oxymorons.

tuesday november 18:
today i watched the mighty ducks for the first time since i was a child and was shocked at just how villainous the opposing team in the 'big game' sequence was. after the coach told one player to intentionally injure the ducks' star, he did so, and a dismayed (and morally sound) teammate came up to him and asked "what did you do??" the offending child responded, with a menacing sneer: "my job!" this 10 year old came off as a scarier villain than jigsaw in every saw movie combined.

wednesday november 19
today i chuckled a little too hard while watching stylista on the cw, when one contestant's issues with being overweight were referred to as the "elephant in the room."

friday november 21
today i was standing outside rainbow cinemas, looking at the posters there in an attempt to decide what, if anything, i wanted to see. all of the sudden, a group of giggling girls ran up to the twilight poster, armed with a camera. one girl posed in front of the girl pictured in the poster (pretending, i guess, that it was actually her that got to frolic around with that hunky vampire), while her friend took her photo. i had to look away from the wall of posters to hide my patronizing laughter.

friday november 21
today i realized how unaware of the day of the week i constantly am, if i don't stop to think about it. in london, someone asked me what the snow situation in toronto was like, and i replied, trying to indicate how little snow there was: "oh we didn't even have any stay on the ground until...... saturday." what i really meant to say was "wednesday," which would have been far more recent and noteworthy (in contrast to london's snowfall) than a day that was nearly a week ago.

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leslie said...

re: wednesday november 19

I laughed out loud the first time I heard it, and I laughed again just now.