saturday may 16

today i was at a get-together at a friend's place, when i made a bathroom visit. upon returning to my chair and sitting down, i realized that i'd left my fly down. in my current seated position, and with 10 or 15 people in the room, there was no way to quickly and subtly zip up, leaving me with the dilemma of how to handle it; i pulled the bottom of my shirt down over top of it while i considered my options. eventually, i decided that i didn't want to wait until my next bathroom trip to fix it. so, when everyone's attention was drawn to the opposite end of the room, i shifted my weight and pretended to do an awkward sort of stretch that allowed me to pull up the zipper. i likely drew even more attention to myself than i would have if i'd just zipped up immediately, but mission accomplished.

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erin said...

i didnt notice? or was that when i looked at you weird and accusingly asking, 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING?' ??