thursday may 14

today i went to the rogers centre with a group of six other people for the blue jays/yankees game. after we stopped at the ticket booth, i was left holding all seven of our tickets. when we got to our entrance gate, i fanned them all out in my hand, letting everyone grab one. as i did this, however, it seemed like the group was distracted by something behind us, and not noticing me. i turned to look, and as i did so, i felt a pressure on the tickets in my hand. thinking it was the wind, which had been strong all day, i tightened my grip on the tickets, fearing that they'd blow away. when i turned back around, i realized that it had, in fact, been one of my friends trying to take a ticket, and i'd created something of an awkward situation, with him not being able to pry one away from my death grip.

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