thursday september 24

today i did my laundry. while waiting to be able to move it to the washer to the dryer, i popped into the nearby shopper's drug mart and bought a carton of milk, a frozen pizza, and a box of corn flakes. having not expected to make this stop, i hadn't brought my own bag, and the cashier neglected to ask me if i wanted to buy one. not realizing this was happening until after i'd paid and the next person in line was approaching the counter, i took my items in hand and walked down the street back to the laundromat, bagless. feeling sort of ridiculous without having a bag to hide my purchases from the world, i moved my wet clothes to a dryer and then shoved my shopper's items into my laundry bag. during the entire walk home, i was concerned that the milk would leak and that i'd notice two weeks down the road that my clothes smelled weirdly milky.

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