monday october 26

today i was leaving the central commerce school's gym following my weekly dodgeball game. walking away from the school, i suddenly realized that my wallet wasn't in the back pocket of my jeans, where it had been when i'd arrived a couple hours earlier. having taken off the jeans to change into athletic gear and then having left them unattended, i immediately became convinced that my wallet had been stolen. my mind began racing through the faces on the other team, wondering which of them would be the most likely to have stolen my wallet. it was around the time when i thought of their lone black player (wondering if it would be more offensive to consider him a prime suspect or to rule him out entirely), that i realized it was entirely possible that the wallet had slipped out of my pocket while the jeans were in my backpack. i reached in and found it right away. embarrassed by my thought process, i decided to blame my instinctive mental accusations on the fact that i was a sore loser (the other team had beat us at dodgeball).

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Dan said...

I remember this minor freak-out! the only answer that satisfies each question is that you're simply a bad person