saturday march 6

today i drove to a friend's house and parked about a block away. although i had my reasons for this, and i thought that they made sense, it would've been embarrassing to explain it all. so i was relieved when we left her house and were parting ways and i said "oh, i'm parked over this way" and wasn't asked to explain why. my reasoning was three-fold:

1. the day before, there had been three cars in the driveway when i arrived. in such a busy driveway, i was concerned that i'd end up blocking someone in or being blocked in myself.
2. i was driving for the first time since my injury and the only thing i was having trouble with was sudden turns. as such, it was much easier to pull into a spot on the side of the road than to make the sharp turn into the driveway.
3. this specific driveway still confused me.

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cali barbara said...

so much happening in your head and arm all the time!