wednesday march 3

today i was experiencing some cold symptoms, and decided to make myself some tea, something i only do when i'm feeling sick. i pulled out the kettle, plugged it in, flipped the switch and went upstairs. a few minutes later, i came down to see if it was ready, but something seemed off. i opened the kettle and realized that i'd forgotten to put any water in. laughing at myself for being so dumb, i put some water in the kettle, plugged it back in, and went back upstairs. a few minutes later, i again came down to see if the water was ready, and once again realized something was wrong. this time, i'd forgotten to flip the switch to actually boil the water. embarrassed, i flipped the switch, and returned to my room. when i came back to the kitchen a few minutes later, the water was finally ready. i decided to blame the fact that it took me three tries to boil water on the copious amounts of cold fx i'd consumed.

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cali barbara said...

and NOT the percs.