thursday july 22

today i went to see a nearby house showing, in search of a new place to live. it was one of the more unusual tours i'd been provided to date, as the following things happened:
  • rather than the landlord himself showing up, his son, who wore braces and looked about 19, met me.
  • the house's tenant, an old black man named mr. clark, was home and watching tv in his living room as we maneuvered around him.
  • the tour itself was so whirlwind that i couldn't have spent more than 30 seconds total in the house.
  • after being led out to the back balcony area, the kid suggested i just take the fire escape stairs down and let myself out the back alley, like i was some sort of embarrassing one-night stand that he didn't want anyone to see come out the front door.

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