wednesday july 7

today i was taking the crowded streetcar home from the blue jays game when i heard someone behind me say "good game!" i had really only half-heard the guy, in the way you hear something that you aren't really listening to. a couple seconds later though, i felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around. "good game!" the guy said again, apparently directing this assertion at me. "yeah!" i agreed, while silently debating whether i ought to wear my jays t-shirt to games in the future.

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xcarex said...

I always kinda wondered what the rules were on this kind of thing. Like, why is it totally cool and 'supportive' to wear the team you're going to see, or to dress up for a movie premiere (wizard robes, etc), and yet so polar opposite with regards to a band? I don't generally wear any merch to a show, not even other bands' tees, but I always thought it was weird when people make fun of others for wearing the tee of a band they are going to see. I don't get it. I saw a lot of it at Warped this weekend and it made me sad that people are such jerks.