sunday august 15

today i noticed that my shawarma place of choice had a new soda in stock: cherry crush. fascinated by this flavour that i'd never seen before, i had to buy one. although it didn't immediately become my favourite soft drink or anything, i was happy i made the dollar investment. i also couldn't help but think back to the years of little league baseball when one parent would bring a cooler full of 24 cans of soda for the team to drink after the game: six each of root beer, crush cream soda, purple crush, and orange crush. having cherry crush in the mix back then would've changed everything.


Anonymous said...

called a rainbow pack ya dummy

Jack Kentala said...

There was always an asshole who brought Diet Coke.

Granted, there was a diabetic kid on the team.

Xave said...

1. Cream Soda
2. Orange Crush
3. Root Beer
4529534. Grape Crush

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried Lime Crush?!?! ?