wednesday october 13

today i was the guest on a st. louis-based show called "united cardinal blogger radio hour," which discusses the st. louis cardinals. i talked baseball with the hosts for about 30 minutes, and after i was let go, the show continued on for a few minutes without me. after i hung up, i loaded the page that streamed the show and glanced at its chat room, where listeners could discuss the on-air goings-on. while the chat only displayed the ten most recent lines of chat, the tenth-most recent message made reference to a jeff foxworthy joke about people's accents. though i had no concrete proof, this made me assume that the conversation leading up to that line, in messages that had since been pushed out of the window, consisted of the show's listeners mocking my canadian way of speaking.

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Ben said...

No dooot aboot it Luke, we have accents.