saturday december 11

today i went to a beer store in london, prior to stopping at a friend's house. unlike my local toronto beer store, this one featured just a tiny front room, with no big back room in which you could browse through shelves upon shelves of beer options to decide on the right one. so, after scanning the entire wall of choices, i finally settled on a six-pack of mill st. organic. "we're sold out," the girl behind the counter replied when i made my request. "uhhhh....." i stuttered. back to the drawing board! "i'll give you a minute," said the girl, while she went to the back to get someone else's order. finally, i ended up settling on a few tall cans of tiger, but i wasn't confident in the purchase, particularly when they didn't offer me a bag. i had to carry them out, cradling them in my arms like cold babies. i missed my usual beer store.

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