saturday march 12

today i made my way to my front door just once, in order to pick up a dinner order i'd placed. while i held the door open for the delivery guy, i glanced outside and noticed, with some disgust, that there were five bags of garbage on our front porch -- most of them unable to fit in the garbage bin itself. since most garbage days involve our house putting one or, at most, two bags to the curb, the excess this week was baffling. it was as if someone else in our house had been piling up their trash for most of the winter and finally decided to put it all out at the same time.


Anonymous said...

and she was* and now she is moving out and out didnt even mention that alongside the garbage was that storage thing ANNNNDDDDDD also who here doesnt blame those shifty Vus and their mini-garbage container for at least 7 people (even if 2 of them are away in the old country and 1 is only half a person.

*stockpiling garbage, only it wasnt just over the winter, its been over the last like 7 years.

luke said...

it didn't occur to me until about two minutes after i posted this that it was coming from us rather than the downstairs people. less baffling this way.