saturday march 19

today i helped my roommate pack up her stuff in a moving van. the last thing we loaded was a box of items to be donated, which included a big, cat-themed clock whose ticking had annoyed me for months. "i was hoping we'd just SMASH this!" i exclaimed. before i could react, a friend, thinking the clock was plastic and not realizing i was joking, picked the thing up and hurled it toward the ground, where it landed with a crash. we spent the next five minutes cleaning glass up off the sidewalk. but at least i'll never hear that ticking again.


leslie said...

who threw it?

Blue Jays Analysis said...
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Anonymous said...

this was probably the kindest version of events possible. were someone less kind to tell it i was 'showing off' in front of my 'pals' and viciously hurled the clock and then laughed off the idea dogs might get glass lodged in their precious little paws. thanks luke.