tuesday march 8

today i was grocery shopping in no frills when i did a double-take noticing a woman walking in front of me in the frozen foods aisle. not because she was a stunner, but because at first glance, she appeared to be at least 6'6". fascinated, i slowly trailed behind her, attempting to discern (a) whether she was, in fact, a woman, and (b) exactly how tall she was. before the end of the aisle, i slid past her to see how my height compared to hers -- my eye-level was below her shoulders! it was incredible!


Caroline! said...

So is Jack no longer the tallest person you've ever met? He'll be crushed!

Anonymous said...

based on recent OKC dates and this incident i'd say you've got a latent case of procerphilia expressing itself.

Jack Kentala said...

Hey, now. With my boots on, I'm 6'6".