saturday may 7

today i attended justin verlander's no-hitter against the blue jays at the rogers centre. the only thing my friends and i spent more time talking about during the game than the no-hitter was the question of who was inside the "junior" mascot costume. while one friend was convinced it had to be a little person, my roommate and i argued that it was entirely possible it was a child with precocious dancing ability.


Anonymous said...

definitely a little person. the 'precocious dancing child' is wrong for so many reasons. 1) its probably racist. 2) child labour laws, etc. 3) its gruelling in those cosutmes and refer to 2 why a kid couldnt do it. 4) maybe its a smallish teenager over 16 or whatever age you need to be to subject yourself to such conditions. 5) only way to solve this mystery vernonica mars is to take a skydome tour and casually pop the question while going past the mascot room.

Anonymous said...

also just occured to me i can ask the girl i work with who also works at the rogers centre (in the costume department). she confirmed its a little person (white guy, brown hair).