friday february 7

today i was in the midst of my usual work routine on tweetdeck, which involves constantly clearing all the tweets from my columns so that i don’t fall behind. at one point, there was a single tweet in my timeline, which i read and cleared. around the same time, i checked my clock, which said 5:27. so far, so good.

about 20 seconds later, i glanced at the clock again, and saw it change from 5:26 to 5:27. weird, but i assumed i’d just misread it the first time. a second later though, the same tweet i’d just cleared showed up in my tweetdeck timeline again.

the most logical explanation here, of course, was that i initially misread the clock, and that the tweeter in question had perhaps fixed a typo and published his tweet a second time. still, for a few seconds, i seriously considered the possibility that i’d just experienced the world’s most inconsequential time travel.

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