saturday march 29

today i decided to get food from the mexican place down the street for the first time. placing my take-out order resulted in a mix of excitement (about the possibility of finding a new, conveniently-located restaurant to add to my rotation of semi-regular dinner spots), regret (for not trying it earlier), and nervousness (in case i liked it too much and started eating burritos three times a week). ultimately, everything worked out great -- the employee i talked to on the phone called me "man," which i liked, and the food itself was satisfactory but not so amazing that i have to eat more of it immediately. the only thing that went wrong was that i ordered way too many churros, but i mean really that was one of those good problems.

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Jack Kentala said...

I enjoy a good "man" here and there. There's this weird thing in Portland where you get called "boss" a lot. Not sure if I dig it.